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leaf bullet Special Education at Mayfield Central Schools

Services and Programs offered at MCSD

    The school psychologist works with the entire school community toward the goal of helping all students reach their full potential. A primary role of the School Psychologist is to act as a consultant to teachers, parents and administrators in order to develop strategies that address learning needs. They also specialize in performing sophisticated diagnostic evaluations, which help determine the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Individual assessments also provide information useful in the planning of appropriate educational programs.
    Lauren Lozier K-12 (Home base at Elementary School) 661-8281
    Joan Bobbette, BOCES Psychologist Mayfield High School (1 day per week-Wednesday)

    The goal of the school counselor is to promote academic achievement and lifelong success by empowering students, families, and educators to develop strengths and overcome obstacles in the home, school, and community environments. School counselors serve as liaisons between home and school environments, providing systemic support to students and their families in any of the following ways: advocacy, assessment, consultation, collaboration, counseling, crisis intervention, program development, referrals to community agencies.
    Andrea Bovee, 661-8264
    Elementary: Monday and Wednesday
    High School: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

    The Speech and Language program provides evaluation, consultation, and/or direct therapy to students with communication disorders such as stuttering, impaired articulation, language impairment or voice disorders. Speech improvement is also provided to non-disabled students within the building.
    Melissa Berlin K-12 (Home base at Elementary School)
    Sarah Parsons K-12 (Monday-Thursday)

    Occupational therapy involves the functional evaluation of a student and the planning and use of a program of purposeful activities to develop or maintain adaptive skills, designed to achieve maximal physical and mental functioning of the student in his or her daily life tasks. Our district licensed Occupational Therapist provides a wide range of services to assist with adaptations and compensations that allow children to participate in educational tasks. OT services focus on fine motor skills, visual-perceptual skills, sensory integration issues, functional living skills, and adaptive equipment.
    Gwendolyn Mucica Occupational Therapist (District-wide)
    Amy Feerick Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (High School Half-time)

    Physical therapy involves the evaluation of a student and the planning and use of a treatment plan/program to promote and facilitate postural security and mobility so that children have the freedom to focus on educational tasks. Our district licensed Physical Therapist focuses on balance, coordination, motor planning, adaptive equipment, physical handling and architectural barriers.
    Lori Bumpus K-12 (District-wide)


Kindergarten/First 15:1 Special Class ELA/Math 5x/210

Second Grade Integrated Co-Teach 5x/210

Third Grade Integrated Co-Teach 5x/210

Fourth Grade Integrated Co-Teach 5x/210

Fifth Grade 15:1 Special Class ELA 5x/90
15:1 Special Class Math 5x/60
Resource Room 5x/40
Integrated Co-Teach 5x/45 (Science/ Social Studies)

Sixth Grade 15:1 Special Class ELA 5x/180 (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies)
Resource Room 5x/40

Related Services: Speech, OT, PT, Counseling

Grade 7 Inclusion (DCT) ELA 7 5x/40
15:1 Special Class Math 5x/40
Inclusion (DCT) Science 5x/40
Inclusion (DCT) Social Studies 5x/40
Resource Room 5x/40

Grade 8 Co-Teach ELA 8
15:1 Special Class Math
Inclusion (DCT) Social Studies
Resource Room

Grade 9 Inclusion (DCT) ELA 9
15:1 Special Class Algebra Year 1
Inclusion (DCT) Living Environment
Inclusion (DCT) Living Environment Lab
Co-Teach Global 9
Resource Room

Grade 10 Inclusion (DCT) ELA 10
Inclusion (DCT) Algebra Year 2
15:1 Applied Biology (No Lab)
Co-Teach Global 10
Resource Room

Grade 11 Inclusion (DCT) ELA 11
Inclusion (DCT) US History
Resource Room

Grade 12 Resource Room

Related Services: Speech, OT, PT, Counseling