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leaf bullet School tax bills to drop in three out of four towns in Mayfield CSD



August 31, 2016

As was predicted when voters went to the polls in May, school tax rates and bills are dropping for a majority of taxpayers in the Mayfield Central School District.

The state's tax levy cap for Mayfield was -0.66 - a decline from the previous school year. Thanks to an influx in new state aid, and the end of the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) penalty, the Board of Education was able to adopt a budget that met that cap without cutting programs.

The 2016-17 school budget was adopted during community voting on May 17 by a vote of 247-54, an 82% to 18% ratio.

In the town of Mayfield, where nearly 85 percent of the school district in located, the school tax rate will decline from last year's $23.21 per $1,000 assessed value to $23.024 per $1,000 value. That 19 cent per $1,000 assessed value translates to a September 2016 school tax bill that will be $19 smaller than in September 2015 for a home assessed at $100,000.

The only one of the four towns that comprise the Mayfield Central School District to see an increase was in Johnstown, where the increase was 21 cents per $1,000 assessed value. For a home assessed at $100,000, that is a $21 annual increase.

"The Board of Education and administration were very conservative in this budget while still maintaining all of our academic programs and pursuing some important initiatives," said Superintendent Jon Peterson. The Board of Education finalized these rates this month.

He noted that the approved 2016-17 budget added a full-time pre-kindergarten program to supplement the two half-day pre-K programs; expanded the district’s library media specialist position from half-time to full-time; increased the reading specialist at the elementary school to full-time; added a half-time math Academic Intervention Services (AIS) teacher at
the elementary school; and created a Director of Student Services.

The Board of Education on August 16 adopted these rates for the 2016-17 school year:

Town 2015-16 school tax rate
per $1,000 assessed value
2016-17 school tax rate per $1,000 assessed value Change Percent of town
in the Mayfield CSD
Mayfield $23.21 $23.02 19 cent decline 84.8%
Northhampton $23.55 $22.94 61 cent decline 2.3%
Johnstown $21.77 $21.98 21 cent increase 12.6%
Broadalbin $17.92 $17.32 60 cent decline 0.3%

To read more about the 2016-17 budget development process, check out this link.