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leaf bullet Congratulations to Mayfield Elementary School for winning a $4,000 Dollar General grant for the Leveled Literacy Project



September 11, 2015

Mayfield Elementary School has received a $4,000 Youth Literacy Grant from Dollar General. The school will create "The Leveled Literacy Project" to establish a leveled literacy library for the school's youngest learners - kindergarten to grade 2. The literacy library will serve as an instructional resource that will move students toward reading success.

A leveled literacy library is a collection of books categorized by levels so that every child has data determined books that are at their independent "just right" reading level to practice fluency and to develop a love for reading. This project will also ensure that every teacher has books to use with children at their data determined instructional reading level to ensure maximum growth in literacy skills, as taught through guided reading.

With the Dollar General Grant and available district funding, the district will purchase Fountas & Pinnell leveled library books that will be used for guided reading during regular literacy instruction that occurs for 150 minutes each day.

Guided reading is an instructional approach that will help move all young learners toward confident, independent reading of highquality grade level books across a diverse array of literature and genres, including nonfiction, an emphasis of the state's Common Core Learning Standards.

Teachers will use benchmark assessments to determine the reading level of each student and group students of similar abilities to engage small learning groups with targeted instruction that will help develop their reading and language skills. In other words, teachers will use the guided reading texts to help children expand what they know and can accomplish as readers.

The project also will have a takehome component that allows students to sign out leveled books to practice reading at home. Books from those sets will complement the leveled resource library books. For example, a teacher will provide Level B books for young students reading at that level to take home for practice reading with an adult. The books will be sent home in appropriately labeled bags that will provide more independent reading opportunities for children at home with parents and family members. The "bookinabag" system would include inserts similar to those found in the back of regular library books allowing teachers to keep track of the whereabouts of the books.

The school district was assisted with the grant application by the Capital Region BOCES Grants and Development Service.