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27 School Street

Mayfield, NY 12117



Jr/Sr High School



Elementary School


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Message from Lifelines, A Suicide Prevention Program

Sept. 13, 2013  Not my kid: What Every Parent Should Know" will be shown at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday Sept. 19 in the High School library. This DVD is part of "LIFELINES: A Suicide Prevention Program", which is presented to MHS students in grade 8-12. All parents, guardians and adult community members are invited to join MHS counselors for a brief overview and discussion of the Lifelines program and to learn how to recognize and respond to warning signs of suicidal behavior. For more information, contact the high school guidance office: 661-8213.

Friday, Nov. 9 is now a half day for students  [10/2/12]

Mayfield has confirmed case of whooping cough  [9/21/12]

Northville residents reject school merger referendum  [9/18/12]

Absentee ballot applications for proposed Mayfield/Northville merger straw vote now available  [9/4/12]

Mayfield and Northville residents to vote on school merger Sept. 18  [7/20/12]

School boards to vote on Mayfield/Northville merger proposition  [7/17/12]