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leaf bullet The Class of 2016 begins their next chapters

June 24, 2017

Sixty-six Mayfield seniors were award their high school diplomas during the Mayfield Junior-Senior High School’s 78th Annual Commencement Ceremony, Saturday, June 24.

Class Vice President Harrison Harper welcome the large crowd, and noted the future plans of the graduates. Forty-one of the graduates will go on to college, 19 will enter the workforce, several will be college athletes, three will enter the military and one has plans to travel the world.

“Be confident in yourselves and be proud of where you grew up. This community is truly a special place. Mayfield is caring and will always welcome you back with open arms,” Dr. Wojeski said. “Embrace your courage, and your perseverance to make a difference in our world. I know that each life enriched by your kindness, every friend touched by your affection, every soul inspired by your passion and every barrier brought down by your determination will enhance not only your own life but inspire others to eliminate the boundaries of what is achievable.”

Class Salutatorian Emily Barker said everyone has the ability to positively and negatively influence others.

“We can choose which side our contribution goes to,” Barker said. “Why choose to make this already difficult world worse for anyone when we all have to ability to make it just a little bit better?”

In his address, Valedictorian Taylor Madeiros pointed out many of the amazing individuals in the Class of 2017, singling out many by name.

“Even though sometimes we don’t see it as students, Mayfield is molding some of the greatest kids in our area with the best personalities,”  Madeiros said.

The valedictorian said Mayfield may not have the biggest class with the highest state test averages or the most students going to Ivy League schools, but it has something far more important – heart.

“With all that said, take your talented personalities into the real world and make Mayfield proud. Now we’re grown and ready to begin a new chapter of our lives, all that’s left to do is just go there and send it,” Madeiros said.

Superintendent of Schools Jon Peterson addressed the seniors referencing Mother Teresa, advice from his father and the children’s book, “The Little Engine that Could.”

“There is only one way to live your life – live it in excellence. If you’re going to do something, make sure you do it right” he said, discussing advice his father had given to him.